Dublin to Maynooth 26 km

Project Stage: Partially Open

‚ÄčThe section between Dublin City and Maynooth consists of a series of smaller projects which are currently at various stages of development under the general aegis of the NTA (National Transport Agency) and will also provide a commuter element as well as being enjoyed by other cyclists, tourists and walkers from the local communities.

The length of the route is approximately 26km. A 2km section between Ashtown and Castleknock (see photos below) and a 0.3km section on Sheriff Street opened to the public in 2014.




Royal Canal Greenway - Dublin to Maynooth

Project Status 2022

 Stretch  County Council  Project Status
 Phase 1, Guild Street   Dublin City Council         Complete 2014
 Phase 2, Sherriff St Upper to Newcomen Bridge  Dublin City Council  Complete 2021
 Phase 3, Newcomen Bridge to Phibsboro  Dublin City Council  Construction 2022, Opening 2024
 Phase 4, Phibsboro to Ashtown  Dublin City Council  Construction 2022, Opening 2024
 Ashtown to Castleknock  Fingal County Council  Complete 2014
 Castleknock to Kildare County Boundary  Fingal County Council  Planning 2022
 Kildare County Boundary to Maynooth  Kildare County Council  Construction 2022, Opening 2024